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This Cheap Purple Shampoo Is A Blonde's Best Friend

Goodbye brassy yellow hair.

Caroline Moss

If you dye your hair ice blonde, you probably have had your fair share of dealing with brassy tones. Brass makes your icy cool hair look yellow, which is fine if that’s what you’re going for, but if you dyed your hair ice or platinum, and not say, probably isn’t.

As a (fake) blonde for three years now, I have found the best product for maintaining icy tresses in between salon visits. And trust me, I have tried them ALL. 

Best of all, this product is one of the cheapest on the market. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo ($14.99)

It’s called Fanola No Yellow, and it comes in a big 1000mL salon-sized bottle for $14.99. It’s huge, and it lasts forever. I have only bought two bottles in the last three years, and I use the product at least once a week, if not more. I recommend buying a $6 pump to outfit the top instead of the squeeze cap that it comes with. I learned this from experience—it just keeps things cleaner. This is very key when it comes to this product.

For when you have a really brassy hair day, your salon appointment isn’t even on the books yet, and you need an icy wakeup for your hair, use Fanola No Yellow. This toning shampoo is absolutely potent, but it works. When I say potent, I mean it. This stuff will stain everything in your house, so it’s pertinent that you use it in the confines of your shower and with an older towel you don’t care so much about when you go to wrap your hair up. 

Fanola No Yellow bills itself as a shampoo, but I find that it has the best results when used as a mask. I feel this way about most hair products. When I shampoo my hair, I do it fast and furious. Maybe I should be giving it more time, but that’s not how I roll, so with Fanola No Yellow I have to proactively keep it in my hair longer than I would a normal shampoo or conditioner. This gives the product more time to sit on your hair and penetrate the brassiness, and it’s definitely a little harsher than your average shampoo, especially one you might use daily. Even though it’s a shampoo, I don’t recommend using it as often as you would shampoo. Stick to once a week at the most until you get the hang of its power and how you like to use it on your own hair.

Because it’s so potent, Fanola No Yellow will give you the fastest results. But buyer beware: If you’re against having a tinge of purple in your hair should you keep the mask on a moment longer than you should, you may want to steer clear and opt for something a little milder like the Hask Blue Chamomile Leave-In conditioner, which doesn’t stain but requires you to sleep in it overnight for it to really work. 

When it’s time to use Fanola No Yellow, get in the shower. Do not use it while you’re wearing clothes! First rinse your hair and get it pretty wet, then cover your hair with the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. I repeat: Do not. Leave. The Shower. This stuff gets everywhere! Let the mask sit on your fully saturated hair for 8-10 minutes and then rinse and condition as usual. If you’re nervous about there being shades of purple, leave it in for 5 minutes then rinse and condition as usual.

Your hair might feel a little heavy after using it the first time, but you will definitely notice a lack of brass. Keep it in your routine every week or so to ice your hair when you can’t get to the salon. You will be happy you did.