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The Bissell Steamer Has Turned Me Into Someone Who Loves To Clean

A little essential oil and a lot of water and your house will be super clean.

Ann Coleman

It's hard to get excited about a cleaning tool. At least, that's what I thought before I bought the Bissell Steamer. Influenced by many, well, influencers, the Bissell Steamer made its way to my house after making its way to my Instagram feed, Facebook groups, and multiple group texts with friends. Yes, being in your 30s is really fun!

People love this thing. It has somewhat of a viral existence on social media, and the reviews on Amazon top 30,000 — all above 4.5 stars.

It's also priced at a fair $89 and for what it does, that's a steal of a price. So many tools from comparable companies cost twice as much and can handle half as much. Dare I say it's the perfect cleaning apparatus. Well, the perfect steamer anyway.

What sets the Bissell Steamer apart from its other mop friends? It doesn't use detergent, bleach, solution et al to get rid of messes. It uses, you guessed it, hot water and the power of steam to clean up food spills, pet accidents, and a litany of other things that happen out of your control. A few drops of essential oil will give it a light, fresh scent of your choosing!

I wish I had had the wherewithal to document my first big spill experience with the Bissell. Unfortunately, I was too distracted by the fact that my cat pushed a full jar of tomato sauce onto my kitchen floor. Luckily, the Bissell was set up and ready to go, and I was ready to put it to the test. If it could clean up this disgusting array of sauce and floor dirt, I would be sold.

With about 20 back and forth motions, the floor was 100% cleaner than it had been before the spill. It actually made me want to stand down from my cooking activity and just mop the entire house.

Seeing the disgusting filthy mop pad was so gratifying, and it made me happy to know I would just pop it in the wash and in the dryer (on low! And don’t use dryer sheets!) to get it back to clean and ready for the next spill. The separate water tank also keeps the dirty floor water away from the clean water going out and steaming your floors.

Since I didn’t document my saucy event, I went to YouTube to look for someone who might have. Turns out, the mop world has lots of intense fans! A bunch of people agreed with me that the Bissell was best, especially at the price.

You can buy it on Amazon for $89, and keep an eye out for sales—sometimes it goes down to $79!