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Swap Your Iced Coffee For Iced Tea This Summer

You don't have to drink coffee to get your caffeine fix.

Annie Burdick

Trust me when I say I know that the world has a coffee obsession.

But over the years I've decided that I’m among the minority. I just can’t get behind forcing myself to drink something that tastes awful simply for the (truthfully, very nice) caffeine boost, so I’ve had to pave my own way out here in a coffee loving society. I happen to be a tea obsessive. Specifically, iced tea.

So here’s how I make it an easy passion to live with. 

In order to be able to drink nice, refreshing glasses of iced tea basically all day, I certainly don’t buy pre-made stuff from the store. That's the key.

I can’t justify the cost and waste when tea bags and tea leaves are so affordable and eco-friendly. Instead I brew my own, and rely on a combo of my beloved iced tea tumbler bottle and a constantly-stocked glass pitcher in my fridge. 

Let's start there.

If you want to impress your friends this summer, start keeping freshly made iced tea in the fridge in a pretty glass pitcher, ready to pour at a moment’s notice. It’s really a nice vibe. I make mine with a very simple, tried and true method and it comes out absolutely delicious every time. 

I take my nice big glass pitcher and fill it with hot water, but from the tap. I don’t boil it or heat it anywhere, just keep it easy and turn my tap on high, wait for it to get hot, and fill from there. I then add one large iced tea tea bag (these are easy to find online and in some stores) or two normal tea bags and let them steep for quite a while, usually 30 minutes or longer. Then I just take the tea bags out, toss the pitcher in the fridge, and in a couple hours it’s chilled and perfect iced tea. 

If you’d rather just make a single-serve bottle, here’s my other favorite method.

One of my favorite-ever purchases is this affordable loose leaf-brewing tumbler bottle. When I say it does everything, I’m not kidding. 

The bottle comes with a removable inner compartment, all created with the purpose of quickly and easily making iced tea. Here’s how it works. You take out the inner portion and fill the main bottle with some tea leaves or a tea bag and hot water, then wait for it to steep like normal. You can also add some fruit or herbs like mint or lemon, to add other flavors. Then you fill the middle insert with ice and slide it into the bottle, and within a few minutes, the hot steeped tea will have become glorious iced tea. It works like a charm and makes me so happy.

So, iced tea lovers out there, let this inspire you. If you want to commit to your passion and spend the summer sipping on refreshing, cool, calorie-free beverages all day, these might just be the easiest ways.

Annie Burdick writes for Pretzel's Good Stuff series.

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