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The "Everywhere Belt Bag" Has Actually Earned Its Name

I tried a bunch of different fanny packs and belt bags before landing on this one.

Caroline Moss

Back in 2006, everyone was carrying massive handbags. Remember those? They were so big. Why? Why were they so big? No bag could ever be big enough for The Big Bag trend.

Here’s a pic of me looking at pics of huge handbags:

15 years later, we’re staring down the barrel of a different trend back to haunt us: The Small Bag. More specifically, the fanny pack. Or, as it has been so chicly renamed, the belt bag.

The belt bag is something that I would have turned my nose up at in 2006. My cuffed jeans and layered tanks and bubble tops would’ve been like, no, sorry, we’re into fashion here, can’t you tell?

But now I’m all about the handsfree lifestyle, and that means strapping my belongings to my body and keeping the haul minimal. I tried a few different belt bag styles before deciding on the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag.

My issues with other packs weren’t, like, serious, but the thing that the Everywhere Belt Bag offered that most of the others didn’t was the ability to open the bag without the contents being too exposed and running the risk of falling out. You don’t want your bag to have too wide of a mouth.

The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag runs $38, and measures about 9” across, 5” high and 1.75” expands in the bag. The strap itself is thick and comfortable to wear and at its longest measures 40”.

It looks small but it holds a surprising amount of stuff.

Right now I can fit my Kindle Paperwhite, iPhone 11, lipstick, dog poop bags (keeping it real!), car keys, credit card holder, AirPods and a mini sunscreen all at once and with a little room to spare.

Because of the pockets inside, I can actually organize these things and not have to dump out everything while trying to find something. It also has a zip pocket on the back which is where I’ve been keeping my vax card.

I bought the EBB in Honey Lemon (pictured above), but there are 14 different colors and patterns to currently choose from.

You can also wear it as a little crossbody or as a belt bag:

I’ve been enjoying how lightweight and easy it is to tote this baby around. It’s surprisingly neutral and goes with more outfits than I initially assumed. And it’s the perfect thing to bring on dog walks or to the dog park, but also everywhere else. Aptly named.

The goods: $45 is about the max I am willing to spend on a fanny pack, and this one clocks in at $38.

The caveat emptor: Lighter colors will pick up dirt and stains faster than the darker colors.

Caroline is the host of Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!; a product recommendation podcast and community focused on finding great, accessible, fun products and sharing those finds with the world. She is the co-author of Hey Ladies! (Abrams, 2018), and the Work It! children's books (Quarto, 2019). She lives in Los Angeles.