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If You Overheat In The Summer, This Neck Fan Changes The Game

Caroline Moss

This neck fan might sound silly, but it’s a lifechanging purchase. Just ask the many, many people who searched Amazon for a “personal air conditioner” in 2020. When it gets hot, you need relief, and unfortunately you can’t carry a window unit around with you wherever you go. But this under $30 innovation might just be the next best thing.

SWEETFULL Portable Neck Fan, $39.99 and often on sale:

The neck fan is exactly what it sounds like. It is a bladeless, bluetooth fan that wraps around your neck like a pair of headphones after you’ve taken them off your ears. It even looks kind of like headphones from a distance, so if you’re kind of self-conscious about the way you might look wearing one of these in public, fear not. It’s pretty inconspicuous. 

If you’re the type that likes to make a spectacle of yourself, then you may want to try this version of the neck fan — it’s sure to get you a few questions from curious bystanders!

If you wanna stay under the radar, stick with this rec. This neck fan comes under a bunch of different brand names on Amazon, and can run between $25-40. I have this one, so I can speak specifically to how much I love it and how well it works, but I would venture to guess that others like it can get you the same results. It has a 3-speed setting and the sound it emits can be best described as a low whir.

One reviewer said it was like a white noise machine in the best way. The cool air shoots upwards, hitting the back of your neck and your hairline as well as the bottoms of your ears. My rec is that you pull your hair back to get the ultimate cool feel, but this fan can’t cut or hurt you. That’s important.

It’s so satisfying, especially if you’re doing an outdoor activity in the heat of the day. I wore mine to the beach: Best idea ever. But that’s not all. The fan is my BFF when I’m walking my dog, sitting at a sporting event, or even on an airplane where that tiny little above-the-seat fan just can’t cut it. It works, it doesn’t catch your hair (important!) and to everyone else it just looks like you’re wearing headphones.