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I Bought 3 Things Via Viral Instagram Ads — Now I Recommend Them To Everyone

Langa K. Chinyoka

There’s no shame in this game — we’ve all been trapped, tricked, and tempted by potential purchases we’ve found on social media.

Whether we were swayed by a really convincing influencer or a product that looked like exactly what we needed to fix a problem we didn’t know we had, social media marketing is getting more and more adept at making us believe we want everything we see. Like some consumer inception, ads are so tailored to our interests we think we “discovered” brands and their products when really, the algorithm did.

But sometimes, in the moments that make us believe in serendipity or even fate, the perfect combination of need and want collide and Instagram targets us with an ad that we don’t feel guilty about falling into.

Whether these are traditional “useful” things or just products that turn out to be as good as they claim, there is still hope yet for Instagram finds — and these are some of the products that make me feel hopeful:


Remember when we were all skeptical of hard seltzer? Look at us now, with emergent hard seltzer brands emerging to compete with the popularity of the Claw. I present to you, the healthy version: probiotic soda. 

I get it. You’re thinking, why ruin a good thing — if I want soda, I’ll have soda. Or you’re thinking, isn’t that just kombucha? OLIPOP combines the probiotic benefits of a kombucha with the tastes of a soda, with flavors like Root Beer, Strawberry Vanilla, Orange Cream, and Root Beer. Each can tastes like the perfect mix of both nostalgia and something you know is good for you, but you can still enjoy.

Soft Services

Body care is the new skincare. We’ve moved past the 10-step routine wave and begun to wonder, “wait, what about the rest of my skin?” If you’re a skincare beginner, you only worry about your face. If you’re in the middle, you make sure to spread your moisturizers and masks down to your decolletage. If you’re an expert, you have different products for your body and face. 

Though some established brands are moving into the body care arena, the best brands are the ones made for the thicker, more neglected skin covering the rest of you. Soft Services is more than a trendy kit with Instagram-ready packaging. With high quality ingredients and real medical grade efficacy, it’s not a body scrub or a watery lotion. So if you want to treat your body like you treat your face, this is the set for you.

Our Place Always Pan

Of course following a year where most of us were at home, home decor and cookware boomed. From bread tins to matcha whisks, kitchens everywhere got upgraded with each new trend and emergent brand that could keep us entertained in our kitchens. Enter: the Always Pan from Our Place.

Though they’ve been around for a while, the Always Pan was a lockdown star. Engineered for starter kitchen sets, the all-in-one pan does everything you need and is both functional and Instagrammable — not just the latter — while also being affordable.

Sometimes the things we see and want online should stay online, but these three I have happily included into my life with no regrets and without breaking the bank … too much.