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Ads For This Colorful Travel Bag Are Everywhere, So I Bought One

The Baboon to the Moon bags absolutely live up to the hype and the cost.

Caroline Moss

What: Baboon to the Moon Go Bags

How much?: $139 - $199 depending on size

Anything I should know?: These do not have wheels! If wheels are important to you, this bag will not serve you! If wheels are not important to you, then buckle the f up because this bag rules.

Facebook has been assaulting me with ads for Baboon to the Moon, a colorful line of duffel bags backpacks optimized for the traveler — which I’d guess many of us are after a long year of not traveling at all. Boasting features like heavy duty nylon (no leather!), a fully waterproof shell, and three sizes completely compliant with airline regulations, I was super tempted to try one and see if they were worth the hype.

Wait a minute, I thought as my finger hovered over the “COMPLETE YOUR ORDER” button. I have a product recommendation podcast. Maybe they’ll send me one for free to review! And maybe not. I emailed them and they didn’t email me back, and so I bought a Baboon to the Moon yellow Mini with $139 of my own money. Okay, Baboon to the Moon? You got me!

The shipping took about five business days which felt so long to my Amazon-addled brain but I think it felt long because I was so excited. But when it came, I immediately opened it and prayed that I would feel let down. Empty. Unfulfilled. Calling my therapist. I wanted to be like, it’s a bag, lol. I wanted to feel absolutely scammed by a Facebook ad. I wanted to get my $139 back.


It’s a




The color is spectacular (and I truly could not decide which color to buy at first), and it’s made of this really thick nylon that can be wiped clean of spills or toweled off after a rainstorm. It’s 100% waterproof, which I tested by putting all of my favorite clothes in it, zipping it up and then spraying it with my garden hose. Halfway through this test I got EXTREMELY NERVOUS that I had just buried my favorite Sabah shoes in an attempt to make a reel for the ‘gram, but it was too late and I had to hope for the best. Luckily, Baboon to the Moon does not lie! Everything was 100% dry and the bag dried quickly too. No water stains or damage done — I can’t say the same about my old leather weekender, which has been showing its age and wear for some time now.

Some specs on the mini from the company. Click here for specs on the small (carry-on size) and big (checked bag size).

It’s the lifetime warranty for me, tbh, but my favorite part of the bag’s aesthetic besides the color is that it packs like a suitcase but carries like a backpack.

It also carries like a duffle or a briefcase but I prefer the backpack life. Hands-free! Here’s how it looks when you open it up, and how I’ve been strategically packing it.

I am going to Vegas next week (!!) with a girlfriend and I am excited to use the mini as my one and only bag! I’ll be there for 48 hours so I think it’ll be the perfect size even though I am both a notorious over-packer and under-packer. I even bought these colorful luggage tags to mix and match on the bag.

Currently using the watermelon on my yellow mini. I love it. I want to crawl inside this bag and live there. I want to hold it tight as I sleep.

And I might just.