A little about Pretzel the company, the app, the website, the whipped topping...


So is Pretzel an app or a blog or...What are you?

Pretzel is a company that makes software and content. Our company is called Pretzel. Our app is called Pretzel. Our website is also called Pretzel. We're Pretzel.

Why did you call yourself Pretzel?

We could give you a fancy branding answer about "unwinding the salty twists of financial troubles," but to be honest we just really liked the name. It started as a bit of a "Maybe we'll change it later" sort of situation, but then it stuck.

How do I contact you?

For questions in general, feel free to email

If it's a specific question about the content on, feel free to email Joel@.


Are all the links on affiliate links?

It's a mix. It's safe to assume that a link from to a major retailer like Amazon or Target will have an affiliate code attached. But we still recommend plenty of products and services that we simply like, whether or not there's an affiliate opportunity there.

And in cases where there is a non-link-based affiliate deal set up—say, a company that sells pressure cookers made from decommissioned submarines pays one of our contributors $5 for every new customer who signs up their mailing list—we require that our contributors disclose any such agreement right on their post. Our guideline to contributors is simple: "Don't do anything that feels gross or shady."

When will your app launch?

Closed beta invites have already been going out to a small group of testers. If you'd like to get on that list, click on "The App" above and join our mailing list.

Who are you people, anyway?

Our founder is Al Doan, a (sorry here it comes) serial entrepreneur. We're a small team of six, half engineers and half business operations. The company and Al are based in Missouri, but our team is distributed, including people in London, New York, Chicago, Nebraska, and Costa Rica.