We're from all over

Pretzel is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but our team works on two continents from four countries. We've got engineers and designers, sure, but also educators, a former journalist, a guy who started a business selling quilts, and a banker.

The one thing we all have in common is a shared belief that all of the technology that has changed shopping in the internet era—sometimes better, often worse—can be applied to make the shopping experience easier.

Your data, serving you through good design. That's our mission.

pretzel team
our big idea

Building tools for humans, not corporations

Pretzel is the app we’ve all wished existed.  It’s your brain for when you shop.

If you look on your phone, you’ll notice all your shopping apps are made by retailers, retailers whose sole objective is to get you to give them more money.  We wanted an independent third party to help us, so we built it.  We help with returns, organizing and seeing the stuff we buy, searching, repurchasing, understanding and learning.  We don’t care if you buy again, we just care if you’re happy.

Every time someone has asked “oh neat, where’d you buy that?” or you’ve found yourself buying new shoes for your kid thinking “he’s a size 5 … wait, was he a size 5 last year?  Or 3 months ago? He’s a size 6, or maybe 7? Dang it, what did I get him last?” You should just be able to look it up and answer that question, well now you can.

It’s the “when did I buy this?  Can I still return it?” app

It’s the “I think I need a new filter, wait, when did I get these filters before? Okay, how often do I buy these normally?” app

It's your brain for when you shop. Don't worry about it, you've got Pretzel.
Al Doan, Founder

How we make good decisions

We're a young company. We hope to not make too many mistakes. These are the values that guide product choices as we build Pretzel.

Single-Player > Multiplayer

We believe that perfecting a "single-player experience" is essential to our early success. No social features until our customers ask for them.

Better Than Email

Shopping information lives in a lot of apps and services these days. But the catch-all is email. We want Pretzel to be the first place you check when thinking about your spending.

Be Complete, Be Accurate (In That Order)

Our goal is to show every bit of data you keep in Pretzel. But when we run into edge cases or encounter data we do not parse properly yet, we prioritize comprehensiveness before accuracy. (We'd rather show a duplicate than nothing, for instance.)

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us.

Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have questions, suggestions for improvements, or a story you think we might like to hear. (You can reach us at feedback@pretzel.io.)