Your money is talking. Are you listening?

Everything you've ever bought in one beautiful app.

Pretzel transforms your spending into an easy-to-search album of all your purchases—automatically.

Pretzel thinks about dollars like you do. Things. Experiences. Necessities. Not just numbers.

Connect your accounts to see all your spending—down to the actual items—in one place.

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Like vacation photos from your money.

Pretzel turns real-life experiences into a logbook of your purchases, without any  hassle. It's the automatic journal of your spending that you've always wanted.

“Most personal finance apps just show numbers and charts that don't make much sense. Pretzel shows me memories.” — Oscar E.
“Being able to just pull up my phone and see where all my money is going—like actual stuff I'm buying—is so much better than what I was doing before.” — O. Esquivel

How It Works

Automated Connectors

Use Pretzel to connect to major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart and record your purchases as you make them. Our bank and credit card connectors make keeping track of your spending a snap.

Inbox Scanning

Email me a receipt? Please do. Pretzel's inbox scanning captures email receipts from vendors big and small, including those smaller shops on Etsy or Shopify. (Q1 2022)

Receipts Recorder

Shopping at a small business? Use Preztel's built-in receipts scanner to easily record purchases from a printed receipt.


Life's not a ledger. Neither is Pretzel.

Never search email for a receipt again.

No more hoping you saved the receipt. (And no more forgetting what to search for in the first place.) All your purchases are in Pretzel, available both in a live, personalized transaction feed as well as indexed in a simple, powerful built-in search page.

The lawnmower you bought last year which broke immediately? It's in Pretzel. The one you bought to replace it that's mowing strong? It's in Pretzel, too.

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Remember every detail. Or don't. Pretzel remembers it for you.

What shoe size does your sister wear again? (She never wore the last pair, but it's worth another shot.) Where did you buy that basil ice cream last month? (It was good-weird.) What was the name of that eye shadow that was on sale last month? ('Black Dahlia Blue?' Who names these things?)

Stop wondering. Pretzel brought the literal receipts.

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Locked down.

Security and privacy are our first priorities.  Even when it's difficult.


We use bank-level encryption of your data on your device and our servers, and also in between. Anti-tampering detection even protects your data on your own devices.

Tokenized Logins

Signing in to a merchant account generates a unique token to connect your transactions. We never store your passwords to retailers or financial accounts.

Private Data Stores

Your data is private to you—and even to us. We do not share your personal data with any third parties.

Secure Sign-in with Apple and Google

Third-party access services let you use Pretzel with the logins you already have.

Clear Your Records At Any Time

Not feeling it? We'll remove your data from Pretzel permanently.

We're Users, Too

We don't just make Pretzel; we use the same system with our own personal accounts.

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