Pretzel creates stories you write with your money, so you can learn more about yourself.

Connect your accounts, scan your receipts, and learn why and when you spend.

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Pretzel's a flash diet for your finances.

Heard of a flash diet? That's where you pause to take a picture of everything you eat—it helps you to eat more deliberately.

We do that for spending. Except automatically. (We gather up all the purchases you connect in one place.) Or you can take a picture and attach a receipt to any transaction. You don't have to change your spending. Just watch where your money goes.

We call it "Lesson Zero"—just paying attention.

Put your receipts to work

Easily connect all your bank accounts and keep track of all your transactions in one place.

Scan your receipts and Pretzel transforms them into items so you actually know what you bought. We’ll even hold onto your receipts until tax time.